About Us

V-square TV is the first leading 24 x 7 christian online channel providing services for more than 20 years in the field of audio visual industry. Our prime motive is to provide christian devotional programmes from different christian community to the people around the world. Now we are more than 7 years in the live telecasting field and also in re-telecasting the live events according to the viewer’s demand. We are also producing christian programmes for other TV channels. We provide services like post production and pre production for different channels. We are planning to make our channel more attractive by adding variety of programmes which is enjoyable for people around the world.

We are feeling so proud to say that our V-square TV has now reached the level same as other commercial studio and we are very thankful to the people from different parts of the world for supporting us and with no doubt we can say that you the public are the key feature for the progress of our channel. We expect the same support for the smooth functioning of our channel in future also. You can find the services that V-square TV provides for you through the service page..